Using KoboldCpp

You can find the full KoboldCpp documentation here.

Step 1 - Clone the repo

git clone
cd koboldcpp

Step 2 - Download the model

For example, we will use OpenChat 3.5 model, which is what is used on the demo instance. There are many models to choose from.

Navigate to TheBloke/openchat_3.5-GGUF and download one of the models, such as openchat_3.5.Q5_K_M.gguf. Place this file inside the ./models directory.

Step 3 - Build KoboldCpp


Step 4 - Run the server

./ ./models/openchat_3.5.Q5_K_M.gguf

Step 5 - Enable the server in the client

First select KoboldCpp as the backend in the client:

settings -> ChatBot -> ChatBot Backend -> KoboldCpp

Then configure KoboldCpp:

settings -> ChatBot -> KoboldCpp

Inside of "Use KoboldCpp" ensure that "Use Extra" is enabled. This will allow you to use the extra features of KoboldCpp, such as streaming.

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