Using Oobabooga

You can find the full Oobabooga documentation here.

Step 1 - Install Oobabooga

python3 -m venv venv
source venv/bin/activate
# choose correct requirements.txt for your system
pip install -r requirements.txt
# install the openai extension
pip install -r extensions/openai/requirements.txt

Step 2 - Start the server

python --api

Step 3 - Configure Oobabooga

Open in your browser and configure the server.

Make sure you load the model in the "Model" tab.

Step 4 - Enable the server in the client

Set ChatBot Backend to ChatGPT in the client settings:

settings -> ChatBot -> ChatBot Backend -> ChatGPT

Next, set the OpenAI URL to http://localhost:5000

settings -> ChatBot -> ChatGPT -> OpenAI URL -> http://localhost:5000

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