Using LM Studio

You can find the full LM Studio documentation here.

Step 1 - Install LM Studio

Navigate to the LM Studio website and follow the instructions to install the GUI.

Step 2 - Download a model

Using the GUI, download a model from the LM Studio library. If you don't know which to pick, try TheBloke/openchat_3.5.gguf version openchat_3.5.Q5.K_M.gguf.

Step 3 - Start the server

On the left side of the GUI, click the "Local Server" button. Then, in the dropdown on the top of the screen, select the model you downloaded.

Next, in the Server Options pane, ensure that Cross-Origin-Resource-Sharing (CORS) is enabled.

Finally, click "Start Server".

Step 4 - Enable the server in the client

First select ChatGPT as the backend in the client:

settings -> ChatBot -> ChatBot Backend -> ChatGPT

Then configure ChatGPT to use the LM Studio server:

settings -> ChatBot -> ChatGPT

Set OpenAI URL to http://localhost:8080 and OpenAI Key to default. If you changed the port in the LM Studio GUI, use that port instead of 8080.

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